Software Design and Implementation

Our expertise lies in our ability to concisely capture your business requirements and to translate these into flexible, robust solutions uing best of breed development tools.

Software development has always presented particular challenges to managers who need to be certain that a project is on time, on budget and will deliver quality results.

In order to address these issues, at Nomogen, we take particular care during the initial planning stages to ensure that quality issues central to our development process.

The intangibility and complexity of software can make it prone to error and there are no widely agreed measures of the 'goodness' of software produced but careful attention to detail during the requirements definition, design and development phases will minimize any difficulties during installation and testing.

Robust change control and the use of computer aided software engineering (case) tools together with full documentation of all completed code further ensures fault free operation.

Project Management

As with any complex product, it is essential to have good control of the development, production and delivery process.

At Nomogen, we measure success against a wide ranging set of factors but key amongst these are: the product is delivered, on time and to budget.

The product as a minimum meets the customers' perceived requirements and, preferably exceeds his expectations. The customer is eager to use our services again. If you would like to know more about the way in which we manage our projects read here.


Nomogen offers a range of services to manufacturing companies and service orgainisations wishing to update their quality systems and documentation. The following are examples of documents written to support a manufacturing company in its effort improve qality.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - Methodology .

Control Plan - Methodology .

The widely acknowledged guru W.Edwards Deming had this to say about quality:

"Create constancy of purpose towards improvement of the product and service in order to become competitive, stay in business, and provide jobs." Read more..